Booze & Glory – Chapter IV LP (Pirate Press Records)

PPR223_GDOB2_30CH_001 edited

Booze & Glory are back with their fourth album entitled Chapter IV. After brilliant albums As Bold As Brass, Trouble Free and Always On The Wrong Side, numerous singles, EPs and compilation appearances, they are marking their tenth aniversary as a band next year and what’s a better way than to celebrate it with a brand new album. Music is the same as usual, classic british Oi! with a lot of singalongs and standard lyrical themes characteristic for all the bands who play this genre, but once again with Booze & Glory twist. There’s no reason not to love this band, especially if you’re into Oi!, because their music is enriched with a lot of good melodic guitar leads, commonly palm muted riffs, punching bass lines who are cleverly following mid tempo rhytms of the hard hitting drums. Each track sounds almost anthemic, such a perfect material for loud singalongs with friends at the local pub. Just add a pint of your favorite beer and you will have a perfect weekend soundtrack after a hard working week at the factory. Booze & Glory catch up the essence of a classic Oi! sound and even the recent line up changes can’t change their path to perfecting the genre. Chapter IV is published by Pirate Press Records from San Francisco, CA, so don’t miss a chance to treat yourself with a good Oi! record which will remind you why you love the sound of the streets so much.