Break The Tides – Center Of Clarity


Whoah, like someone threw me back to the 90s. Center Of Clarity is bringing back the memories of good old skate punk days, reminiscing the sound of Pennywise, 98 Mute, Model American, Adhesive and a lot of other older bands who defined the skate punk as genre, but I can’t escape the feeling that Break The Tides are also highly influenced by some of hardcore punk bands who played back in the days. Production is intentionally crude, but all the instruments can be heard very clearly, like the bands I mentioned above used to record their albums during the 90s. Considering the fact that Break The Tides are coming from Ventura, CA, this is kind of a style you can expect from Californian band since they invented this music genre. Tracks are fast, melodic, energetic, with couple of slower tunes where vocalist is putting a lot of effort to express emotions as best as he can. It’s good to see there are still bands who dig and play music of the 90s, because it’s very important to keep the track of the roots of such an amazing genre which has so much more to offer, but most of the bands nowadays are losing themselves in overproduced technicality without expressing any emotions through their music. Center Of Clarity is available on the bands bandcamp page, so make sure to download the album and take a listen to this amazing material.