Grade 2 – Break The Routine LP (Pirate Press Records)

PPR228_GDOB2_30CH_001 edited

Grade 2 are an English band from Ryde on the Isle Of Wight and they’re a well known as a hard working band since formation in 2013. They built more than solid fan base since their first demo recordings, Broken Youth EP, split release with Saints And Sinners, throughout their first full lenght Mainstream View, then Heard It All Before 7” and brand new Break The Routine LP. Grade 2 toured Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and UK, proving there’s a crowd who still have a sweet spot for great Oi! music and gives so much support to the scene. And there’s no doubt why everyone likes this band. Grade 2 are playing their tunes like they’re not a trio, but at least five piece band.  Their songs are easily memorable, with more than listenable vocals, while amazing guitar riffs and bass scales are perfectly following a skillful drummer. Break The Routine is a great continuation after Mainstream View LP and I’ve tried to pick my favorite tracks, but after multiple listening, I’ve realized that all tracks are rocking like there’s no tomorrow. It’s more than obvious Grade 2 is formed of musicians who know how to play Oi! punk and record a proper album which will find the way to satisfy even a pickiest fans of the genre. Break The Routine LP is available at Pirate Press Records web store, so pick it up and enjoy the tunes!