Suedehead – Constant Frantic Motion LP (Pirate Press Records / Simba Records)

PPR210_GDOB2-30CHV-001 edited

What started as a side project for Davey Warsop of a pop-punk band Beat Union, soon became a full time band when Mike Ness asked him to hear some of his music while Davey worked as an engineer on some demos for Social Distortion. Soon the band was enriched by the presence of Korey Kingston (The Aggrolites, Hepcat), Greg Kuehn (TSOL, Berlin), Nic Rodriguez (Fallborn) and Chris Bradley (The Distraction). Their music is so rich with a lot of influences, from Northern soul, soul pop, Motown, new wave, but also with mod revival, pub rock and sweet, but subtle touch of good old punk rock. As far as my knowledge of this band goes, they published several 7” records such as In Motion, (So) Frantic, The Constant and Lying In Bed and never published a full lenght, until Pirate Press Records and Simba Records joined their forces and published full discography entitled Constant Frantic Motion on LP. Well deserved treatment if you ask me, because this band will melt your heart out and force you to dance with your loved ones, even if you’re static type of a person. Tracks like New Traditions, No Pain (Like This Pain), All I Need, I Believe In Love, Waiting For Connection, Another Man, Can’t Stop, Slip Away are just a half of a record, but enough of a good reason to grab it and enjoy in a more than a great rock’n’roll. Just wait until you hear No Pain (Like This Pain), that song is hitting like a ten ton truck and it’s my personal favorite off this record, with dominant keyboard parts all over the track. Constant Frantic Motion is a great discography record by one of the most creative bunch of guys in the music business and it deserves special place in your record colection, so treat your ears and heart by purchasing it through Pirate Press Records.