Ubiquity Machine - Beautiful Girl

Ubiquity Machine – Beautiful Girl

Ubiquity Machine - Beautiful Girl

After a few outstanding compositions, such as Hey You and Radio, Ubiquity Machine returns with another exceptional standalone single that will undoubtedly appeal to anyone into flawlessly executed alternative music. Perhaps Beautiful Girl resonates with some of the best elements alternative rock music can offer, but this is not the only style you’ll stumble upon in this ear-appealing journey. Quite the contrary, these profoundly creative musicians are inspired by many complementary and non-complementary music styles. Therefore, their latest single shines bright with some of the best sonic maneuvers you’ll hear, thanks to the additional elements borrowed from nineties rock, indie rock, indie pop, soul, new wave, and many more. The duo used these additions as enhancements, accentuations, and decorations, so their new track shines bright with a calm, luxurious, complex ambiance that goes beyond classic alternative rock sound.

Ubiquity Machine

You’ll immediately notice how Ubiquity Machine emphasizes the importance of the rhythm section by incorporating excellent, warm-sounding low-end notes performed on the fretless or double bass, and groovy, moderate, perfectly accentuated rhythmic sequences. These two instruments define the tempo of the song, which perfectly matches the ear-appealing piano leads and arpeggiated chord progressions decorated with a decent amount of tremolo or vibrato effect. The lead vocalist skillfully levitates between low, mid, and high notes that undoubtedly fit the beforementioned orchestrations. Ubiquity Machine also included some octave higher back vocals at particular moments that uplift the choruses on an entirely new level. Every element included throughout the entire composition perfectly matches the ambiance. There are many more reasons why you should check out Beautiful Girl, a song that bursts with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship from start to finish. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!





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