Dirty Dev - Frida And Leon

Dirty Dev – Frida And Leon

Dirty Dev - Frida And Leon

After a critically acclaimed debut full-length, Antimasque, and a couple of excellent singles like Bum One and Dirty Dev And Phil’s Inevitable Return To The Bullshit, Edmonton-based artist Dirty Dev returns with a brand new composition that will unquestionably appeal to all indie fans. Frida and Leon deal with a relationship between famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and Russian revolutionary political theorist Leon Trotsky, but it’s also about the artist’s personal experiences. Soundwise, the song differs from Dirty Dev’s previous works and represents a step further into a luxurious indie pop universe. Besides exploring the fundamentals of indie sound, the artist also included some of the finest properties borrowed from other complementary music genres like dream pop, bedroom pop, alt-pop, and soft rock. As usual, Dirty Dev thoroughly planned everything, so these additional elements serve as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that uplift the ambiance on an entirely new level.

Dirty Dev

Frida And Leon carry a calm, soothing, relaxing, cathartic ambiance built upon minimalistic but profoundly detailed electro beats, delicate basslines, catchy semi-distorted chord progressions, harmonies, and various guitar licks. You’ll also notice how several layers of sequenced ambiances lurk in the background while the beforementioned instruments perfectly match Dirty Dev’s flawless vocal performance. Perhaps Frida And Leon remain at the same calm tempo from scratch to finish, but the artist skillfully assembled every segment, and you’ll clearly hear the difference between verses, pre-choruses, and choruses. It’s also nearly mindblowing how all these elements of bedroom, dream, and indie pop nicely fit in this fine piece of sonic artistry. Dirty Dev paid a lot of attention while writing, composing, and producing his new composition, and the effort paid off in a perfect indie track worth repeating over and over again. The single is available on all streaming services. Don’t miss it!





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