Cheer Up Dusty

Cheer Up Dusty Released New Single “Legacy”

Cheer Up Dusty

Philadelphia, PA four-piece Alt-Rock band Cheer Up Dusty has released their newest single, the slick up-tempo Legacy. Combining spacious vocals with superb pop-punk sensibilities, Legacy is the heavy hitting leadoff single off the band’s upcoming EP.

Legacy is our first single off our new EP and the first song we filmed a music video for. While it was being made it was quickly deemed a stronger song we wanted to push as far as we could. The funny thing about it is it’s the most unprepared song we had going into the studio, it was just a riff from Brayan really that in the studio we all brought to life collectively to the point at the end we somewhat forgot how it even started.” Says Cheer Up Dusty about their new release. On its importance to themselves, they continue, “ The song means a lot personally because ultimately the legacy we leave as a band when all said and done is most important. I hope people can listen to this song and whatever their life goal or passion is they’ll think about it and go, “I can do this”.”





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