The Flashcrackers - Paper Swallows

The Flashcrackers – Paper Swallows

The Flashcrackers - Paper Swallows

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter The Flashcrackers returns with another exceptional composition that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of bedroom pop. Paper Swallows is an appropriate follow-up to Into The Sea, a debut single The Flashcrackers released last year. However, it delivers some innovations in songwriting, composing, and producing. There’s no way you’ll not going to love Paper Swallows because this profoundly creative artist invested some of the finest bedroom pop elements into his latest single. Still, you’ll also notice some other sonic ingredients borrowed from dream pop, indie pop, indie rock, and alternative that undoubtedly enhance this song on an entirely new level. The Flashcrackers invested brilliant ideas, exceptional musicianship, heart, and soul into Paper Swallows, so the effort paid off in a mesmerizing track worth repeating whenever you need some calm, relaxing, soothing bedroom-pop music.

The Flashcrackers

Paper Swallows carries a nearly cathartic ambiance achieved with flawlessly performed vocal harmonies, ear-appealing chord progressions, catchy melodies, piano leads, warm-sounding basslines, and cheerful rhythmic sequences built upon moderate beats, accentuations, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The artist included a healthy dosage of studio reverb and echo effects along the way, so you’ll feel relaxed while listening to Paper Swallows. It’s nearly mindblowing how The Flashcrackers thought about everything while assembling this composition, so each instrument bursts with so many impressive sonic maneuvers from scratch to finish. It’s one of those songs that sonically promotes a good mood, so you should check it out as soon as possible. Paper Swallows is available on all streaming platforms.





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