bobrosia - All Is Undone

bobrosia – All Is Undone

bobrosia - All Is Undone

After a self-titled extended play release and a single named Neptune, Phoenix-based artist bobrosia returns with another exceptional composition that will appeal to all the fans of dream pop music. All Is Undone is an adequate follow-up to bobrosia‘s previous works that simultaneously bring many innovations in songwriting, composing, and production. You’ll immediately notice how the fundamentals of dream pop inspired this profoundly creative artist to compose such a mesmerizing song but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other complementary music genres along the way. bobrosia also combines elements of shoegaze, folktronica, leftfield, cinematic ambient, psychedelic, and indie pop to achieve a luxurious, ear-appealing, cathartic sound that pervades your listening apparatus from all possible directions.


The artist relies upon highly addictive, hypnotic, repetitious arpeggiated harp chord progressions decorated with catchy piano melodies, leads, harmonious vocal sequences, echoic ambiances, and minimalistic percussive acrobatics. Each instrument plays a significant role in shaping such a divine atmosphere where all the brilliant ideas and mind-blowing musicianship shine bright in the mix. Still, it seems that piano themes, leads, and melodies have the heaviest impact throughout the entire composition, and their otherwordly effect on your ears will force you to repeat All Is Undone over again. Every segment of the song is there with a reason, and bobrosia proved once again why he’s one of the best solo artists on the contemporary dream pop scene. All Is Undone is available on Bandcamp.





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