The Cookie Jar Complot - Cicadas

The Cookie Jar Complot – Cicadas

The Cookie Jar Complot - Cicadas

Our favorite Luxembourg-based math rockers, The Cookie Jar Complot, released a new single a few days ago. Cicadas comes right after the Beaver Deceiver, a critically acclaimed composition I previously covered on our pages. Their second single this year showcases a fine blend of math rock and post-rock, soaked into a delicate, unmatchable, catchy, ear-appealing ambiance. The Cookie Jar Complot achieved this ambiance by implementing all the vital elements of indie, alternative, and progressive rock without straying away from their primary sonic direction. Of course, it’s something The Cookie Jar Complot always do, but this particular composition probably showcases their entire arsenal built upon exceptional ideas and jaw-dropping musicianship. It’s getting even more surprising when you realize this band consists of only two members.

The Cookie Jar Complot
Photo by Nathalie Nicola

Cicadas leads you on a beautiful voyage consisting of a comprehensive collection of various improvisations, catchy themes, excellent leads, perfectly executed guitar solos, heavy riffs, equally detailed basslines, and rhythmic sequences built upon complex beats, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobatics that define this progressive math-rock/indie rock track. Both band members present their skills where each lead, theme, melody, or harmony perfectly articulates with low-end tones and profoundly dynamic drumming performance. You’ll notice how each segment shines bright with a separate mood or ambiance, while the orchestrations become even more detailed as the Cicadas approaches the end. Unlike many other math rock compositions, this one is even danceable due to its rhythmic structure. It’s something The Cookie Jar Complot thoroughly thought about while assembling such a catchy song. Check out Cicadas as soon as possible if you’re into math-rock because The Cookie Jar Complot’s ideas, musicianship, and the ambiance achieved on this track will blow you away. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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