Mooncult - Ghost Song

Mooncult – Ghost Song

Mooncult - Ghost Song

Brooklyn group Mooncult released a new track yesterday. Ghost Song is the first of six singles planned for this year, and it comes as an adequate follow-up of Swallow Me Whole, a critically acclaimed debut full-length album released in 2020. However, this single showcases many innovations in songwriting and composing while the sound meets all the trends of contemporary garage rock music production. Soundwise, Mooncult explores the fundamentals of the garage and indie rock, but you’ll notice how other complementary music genres helped them to shape such a distinctive sound. The band incorporated some of the finest properties of post-punk, noise rock, psych-rock, new wave, and alternative into this fine piece of sonic artistry. All these additional styles come as enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that uplift Ghost Song on an entirely new level.

As soon as you press play, you’ll notice that thick layer or raw, abrasive, fuzzy ambiance pervading your listening apparatus from all possible directions. Mooncult achieved that ambiance by implementing generous servings of distortion over leads, melodies, chord progressions, riffs, and even basslines. However, you’ll hear everything these folks invested into their new track. The guitars and bass are equally present in the mix from scratch to finish, and even the continuous splashing over the cymbals isn’t spoiling their performance. Speaking of the drumming performance, you’ll notice how energetic rhythmic sequences keep the remainder of the band in line but also decorate each segment. Mooncult thought about the arrangements a lot, so every sonic or rhythmic maneuver is there with a purpose. Of course, the outstanding lead vocal performance, back vocals, and singalongs are the centerpiece of Ghost Song, and this track wouldn’t sound this good without them. This single will be your go-to whenever you need some excellent garage rock music. It’s available via all streaming platforms, so don’t miss it!





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