Lazywall - Kan Hez Yeddi

Lazywall – Kan Hez Yeddi

Lazywall - Kan Hez Yeddi

Kan Hez Yeddi is a new single by Lazywall, a Moroccan trio based in Casablanca. The band explores socio-political themes like climate change, social injustice, integration, and corruption by singing in a native Arabic language. This particular composition talks about the outcasts and those oppressed for being different, and it’s a unique anthem for all those who don’t fit in today’s society. Soundwise, Lazywall explores the fundamentals of an alternative rock sound, but you’ll also notice some vital elements borrowed from other complementary music genres. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon grunge, indie, world, and ethno orchestrations along the way because Kan Hez Yeddi carries many of them. It’s nearly mindblowing how Lazywall combined them all in this fine piece of sonic artistry that shines bright with a fresh and unique ambiance.


You’ll immediately notice a calm, soothing, relaxing, cathartic ambiance achieved by nearly psychedelic arpeggiated chord progressions. The guitar also bursts with massive, cleverly arranged riffs during the pre-choruses and choruses, which give Kan Hez Yeddi that recognizable alternative/grunge/indie heaviness. Lazywall also thought about some decorations, so guitar solos and experimentations with more traditional six-string instruments are included along the way. Kan Hez Yeddi wouldn’t sound complex without equally detailed basslines and rhythmic structures. The band also thought about the arrangements for these instruments, so there’s no way you’ll miss all those delicate low-end maneuvers and polyrhythmic/Arabic time signature rhythmic acrobatics. Of course, lead vocal harmonies are the centerpieces of Kan Hez Yeddi, and the singer nails every segment with perfectly balanced low, mid, and high notes. Lazywall completely nailed their debut single, and Kan Hez Yeddi will unquestionably appeal to your listening apparatus if you’re looking for a fresh and unique approach to alternative, grunge, and indie music. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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