Cloud Vincent - Lady Of The Night

Cloud Vincent – Lady Of The Night

Cloud Vincent - Lady Of The Night

London-based artist Cloud Vincent has released an impressive amount of excellent singles and a Naive Summer EP since 2020. Each piece bursts with brilliant ideas, musicianship, and quality that could easily pair with even the biggest, renowned names of the indie scene. Lady Of The Night is more than a good proof of Cloud Vincent‘s brilliance. It’s the second single this year that showcases a natural progression of an artist that never ceases to amaze. Perhaps Cloud Vincent explores the fundamentals of contemporary indie music, but Lady Of The Night also carries sonic ingredients borrowed from other complementary music genres. Therefore, you’ll notice some of the finest properties of hip-hop, emo, and alternative, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other styles as well.

This artist thoroughly assembled each element over a perfect indie structure, so Lady Of The Night has an addictive flow from scratch to finish. Cloud Vincent thought about each segment, and you’ll notice how catchy, hypnotic, and danceable this song truly is, no matter if we’re talking about verses, pre-choruses, or choruses. This number commences with energetic, dynamic electronic beats accompanied by harmonious singalongs that also appear during the choruses. It’s a cleverly arranged overture that instantly grabs your attention and prepares you for more sonic delicacies. Cloud Vincent is also a skillful rapper, so you’ll hear his tremendous skills almost immediately after the beforementioned singalongs. You’ll also notice how chord progressions and synths shape the catchy ambiance throughout the entire song, while the warm-sounding basslines lurk right beneath these instruments and provide this song with powerful low-end tones. Each involved musical instrument plays a significant role in Lady Of The Night, and this song wouldn’t sound the same without them. Cloud Vincent encourages you to dive deep into mesmerizing vocal harmonies, catchy orchestrations, and danceable beats. Lady Of The Night proves why he’s one of the best artists on the contemporary indie scene. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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