Crude - Crude EP -Blowtorch Records

Crude – Crude EP (Blowtorch Records)

Crude - Crude EP -Blowtorch Records

Some new Blowtorch Records treats arrived last week, so now it’s more than adequate time to dive deep into the box and discover some good music. A self-titled Crude extended play release is more than a good start. This band caught my attention when Blowtorch announced their debut self-titled release consisting of four exceptional compositions. As far as I am informed, this Galway-based quartet has also released Burnt Banana as a standalone single, but they included this particular track on the self-titled EP as well. The visual identity of the release was the first detail that caught my eyes. It’s a DIY-made, one-of-a-kind record sleeve wrapped with a parcel and utility paper tape. Each record includes a unique artwork by their frontman Conor Ostheimer. Keep in mind this release comes in clear and black variants, and both are available in limited quantities, so act fast.

Soundwise, Crude EP almost dominantly explores post-punk sound through four profoundly energetic songs. Still, Crude also experiment with other complementary music genres without spoiling the primary sonic direction. You’ll notice how some of the finest elements borrowed from punk rock, noise rock, garage rock, alternative, and indie inspired these folks to write, compose, record, and produce such catchy numbers. Each composition represents a perfectly measured combination of post-punk foundation decorated with the beforementioned elements, so Crude EP sounds entertaining and ear-appealing from scratch to finish. It’s also interesting how their tracks continuously levitate between retro and contemporary ambiance without losing any consistency.

Crude deliver immaculate amounts of noise through heavily distorted, fuzzy, raw, abrasive, dirty riffs and chord progressions. The bass guitar is also somewhat distorted, but there are moments where you’ll also hear clean, warm-sounding basslines in the mix. These two instruments are solely responsible for that thick, dense, heavy, raw ambiance that continuously pervades your listening apparatus, and they flawlessly match together in the mix. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear some other sonic maneuvers along the way, such as solos, themes, leads, or experimentations delivered through reverby guitars. The lead vocalist brings some standard post-punk, alternative, and indie vocal harmonies, and he also perfectly suits everything the remainder of the band incorporated into these songs. Of course, nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without energetic rhythmic sequences decorated with continuous splashes over the cymbals, accentuations, fills, and other enhancements that define some of the best post-punk recordings. This self-titled EP is a perfect vinyl record for anyone interested in a contemporary post-punk sound, so head to Blowtorch Records and order this gem as soon as possible.





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