Singing Lungs - Coming Around LP - Various Labels

Singing Lungs – Coming Around LP (Various Labels)

Singing Lungs - Coming Around LP - Various Labels

Today, we have one of the latest additions to the Engineer Record roster, if I am not mistaken. Singing Lungs are a pop-punk quartet from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The group has already released an exceptional debut full-length release called Groan, an extended play with five songs named Mutter, and another four-track lathe cut 7″ EP, Phone From Car. Of course, the band unleashed several singles released before and after these three recordings, and most of them promote the record I will talk about today. Coming Around is their latest full-length album, published by Engineer Records, Sell The Heart Records, Count Your Lucky Stars Records, and Waterslide Records.

Coming Around is a must-record for anyone even remotely into pop-punk music. It stands out from the vast sea consisting of the same, bland, repetitious, pretentious contemporary pop-punk bands. Singing Lungs made a wise move and shifted to a more retro, old-school, but sufficiently modern sound where the band almost dominantly incorporates the eighties and nineties pop-punk elements. Of course, you’ll notice some classic melodic punk rock, indie rock, power pop, and emo lurking around in particular compositions. Some readers might think this is too many subgenres incorporated into a singular album, but Singing Lungs know what they’re doing. These guys know how to write, compose, record, and produce mesmerizing pop-punk numbers capable of buying the attention of even the pickiest fans of the genre.

I adore how these melodies, harmonies, themes, leads, chord progressions, and riffs are not overly polished. Besides all the brilliant ideas Singing Lungs invested in their songs, you’ll notice some raw, abrasive, fuzzy tones pervading your listening apparatus. This continuous dueling between mellowness and aggressiveness perfectly suits their sonic direction. Of course, the sound engineer/producer thought about the bass guitar, so there’s no way you’ll escape cleverly assembled low-end tones perfectly implemented right beneath the guitar channels. The drummer keeps these numbers as dynamic as possible by delivering moderate rhythmic sequences decorated with continuous splashing over the cymbals, various accentuations, and fills. Even the lead vocal harmonies perfectly match these semi-aggressive pop-punk maneuvers, and the rest of the band is solely responsible for ear-appealing, anthemic singalongs. Singing Lungs is one of those bands you should check out as soon as possible, so head to Engineer Records and grab this purple vinyl for your record collection.





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