Spyderhuff - The More That I Get

Spyderhuff – The More That I Get

Spyderhuff - The More That I Get

After the critically acclaimed EP releases, Tired Wrangler and Think About Me, and a series of excellent singles such as Lazy Soul, Angry Flames, Girl In The Photo, What You Have, Never Am I Full, and The Mirror, Detroit-based group Spyderhuff returns with another exceptional composition that will appeal to all the fans of the contemporary blues sound. The More That I Get is the seventh single from the beforementioned series and their first track in 2023. Perhaps Spyderhuff almost solely rely upon the fundamentals of classic and modern blues, but you’ll also stumble upon some of the finest elements borrowed from the soul, funk, art rock, and classic rock. The band combines all these sonic ingredients in order to illustrate a luxurious, complex, but mesmerizing ambiance that bursts with mind-blowing musicianship.


Spyderhuff escapesthat classic blues rock cliche, mainly because of the enormous presence of funk and soul in almost every segment of the song. You’ll immediately notice superb female and male vocal harmonies that perfectly match the sonic direction. The groovy rhythmic sequences built upon profoundly detailed beats, accentuations, fills, and other drumming acrobatics are solely responsible for all the dynamics, while the percussions give more complexity. You’ll also notice those funky chord progressions, melodies, and classic rock solos along the way, while the wah-wah pedal contributes to that classic seventies funky vibes. Nothing would sound this good without equally complex low-end tones. The bass guitar serves as a binding element between drums and guitars, but it also gives a bit more clarity and depth to the chord progressions. The More That I Get will instantly set you into a cheerful, danceable, happy mood with these pleasant orchestrations. This composition is addictive and hypnotic, and the rhythm plays a significant role in shaping this particular ambiance. Spyderhuff is a band consisting of Detroit veteran musicians, and these folks unquestionably showcased all their skills with this number. The More That I Get is available on all streaming platforms.





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