Pete Asshill - Before Noon

Pete Asshill – Before Noon

Pete Asshill - Before Noon

After a couple of singles, such as Just Epic Life and Great To Touch, the Finnish band of like-minded musicians Pete Asshill returns with another excellent composition decorated with dark humor and exceptional musicianship. Before Noon will appeal to all the fans of cleverly assembled music that explores several subgenres of rock, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other music genres along the way. Perhaps Before Noon dominantly leans towards the fundamentals of psychedelic rock, but there are also some of the finest properties of progressive rock, blues rock, goth rock, alternative, grunge, and indie rock in this fine piece of sonic artistry. Even when you thought you grasped all the sonic ingredients, Pete Asshill somehow find their way to amaze with even more elements borrowed from other complementary music genres.

Before Noon carries so many beautiful orchestrations cleverly packed into arpeggiated chord progressions, leads, melodies, and other six-string maneuvers. The lead singer’s baritone voice perfectly matches these instrumentations, while the equally complex low-end tones are solely responsible for the dense, rich, luxurious clarity that defines the mentioned chord progressions even more. Of course, nothing would sound so groovy without perfectly arranged rhythmic sequences based upon moderate beats, accentuations, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. Pete Asshill also included electronic percussions. Therefore, these rhythmic sequences sound even more detailed. These folks assembled a perfect rock number that will immediately suit your listening apparatus, no matter which era of this genre you prefer. Before Noon is available on all streaming platforms.





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