The Missing Peace

Premiere: The Missing Peace Drop New Single “Harshmellow”

The Missing Peace

The Missing Peace is an explosive rock band making waves in the DC music scene. Fronted by freakish performers Luciano and Lazarus, The Missing Peace have a fresh, experimental sound that blends hardcore, shoegaze, emo, and pop elements to produce a modern rock spectacle that doesn’t only introduce rock to new demographics , but is also the reason that Doja Cat now says she wants to make “pure, unfiltered punk” 

Fresh off the success of “tîger face” , they are releasing a new single titled “HARSHMELLOW”. This genre-bending track sees the band venturing into shoegaze and psychedelic rock influences reminiscent of your last acid trip. Produced by the esteemed Hansel Romero, lead singer of the band Nightlife, the song showcases Hansel’s melodic flair and interesting arrangements. Hansel has previously produced other talented bands such as Pinkshift from Baltimore and GILT from Florida. 




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