E.N.D. - Re-Illustrating Evil LP - Geenger Records

E.N.D. – Re-Illustrating Evil LP (Geenger Records)

E.N.D. - Re-Illustrating Evil LP - Geenger Records

Groove metal masters E.N.D. have teamed up with Geenger Records in delivering Re-Illustrating Evil, a 10th-anniversary edition of Illustrating Evil. As far as I am informed, it’s their second full-length release, previously published as a CD/digital in 2013 via the same record label. However, it has been remixed and remastered, so this already exceptional album sounds better than ever. The band also slightly changed the visual identity, so the Re-Illustrating Evil comes with the same cover colored in several shades of blue instead of vibrant, brownish, sepia-like tones. The cover artwork unquestionably looks threatening and meaner. It showcases the brutal sonic attack of these guys in so many ways. I like both versions, but this one reflects what E.N.D. are all about, and that’s emitting cold, mean, heavy chugs in your face.

For those who somehow missed the original version, Re-illustrating Evil carries the same eight tracks, but as I said above, they’re remixed and remastered for this 10th-anniversary celebration. The entire album resonates with more power, heaviness, energy, and dynamics than ever before. Soundwise, these folks are into technically demanding groove, thrash, and hardcore sound, so this material showcases everything they stand for. Each number contains a comprehensive collection of heavy riffs, chugs, palm-muted virtuosities, crystal clear low-end tones, and progressive rhythmic sequences. Re-Illustration Evil proves why E.N.D. are one of, if not the best, groove/thrash bands in the region that could easily be the greats if they formed this band in the US. And it becomes even more jaw-dropping once when you realize they’re pulling off all these sonic maneuvers as a trio. These guys are unstoppable metal machinery worth checking out.

As soon as you press play, you’ll notice progressive segments built upon progressive, downtuned, generously distorted riffs. Even when you thought things couldn’t sound heavier, the guitar player finds ways to impress even more by delving into the depths of downtuned shredding. It’s nearly mindblowing how these riffs sound even better when you repeat the material over again, so E.N.D. is one of those bands that will become your go-to when you need technically demanding chugs. I adore how the sound engineer/producer thought about the bass guitar while remastering these songs. The low-end tones are almost equally hearable like the beforementioned riffs, and equally responsible for that thick layer of heaviness that continuously lurks in the ambiance.

The trio avoids all the already proven writing/composing schemes, so Re-Illustrating Evil is not just another classic thrash metal album you stumble upon the streaming services every day. The drummer sounds otherworldly. It’s crazy how he maintains the same ferocity from scratch to finish without losing any consistency in performance. You’ll be blown away by the aggressive, vigorous, progressive rhythmic sequences built upon detailed beats, accentuations, and drum fills. The lead vocalist delivers well-articulated screams and shouts, with the occasional support of the powerful back vocals. There are no chances you’ll find weak spots while listening to this album. Re-Illustraing Evil was built to last, and it stands the test of time even after a decade. Head to Geenger Records web store and order this groove metal gem on lathe-cut vinyl or CD.




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