Street Legal - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Street Legal – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Street Legal - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today we have some more indie music for your listening pleasure. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow is a debut single by Australian indie quintet Street Legal. Perhaps it’s their first single, but it shines bright with some fresh ideas, genuine musicianship, exceptional sound, and mesmerizing ambiance that will appeal to even the pickiest fans of indie music. Still, some other music genres are lurking in the mix. You’ll notice how Street Legal incorporated some of the finest properties of complementary genres, such as nineties alternative rock, eighties post-punk, art rock, and synth music. Perhaps this comprehensive collection of various styles might seem too much to some readers, but Street Legal thoroughly combined everything, so Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow bursts with outstanding quality from scratch to finish.

Street Legal

Maybe this excellent number begins with addictive electro beats and catchy warm-sounding basslines, but you’ll also notice how the synth accentuations, melodies, and leads play significant role in shaping such a luxurious ambiance. The synths aren’t hearable that match during the verses, but wait until the chorus kicks in. There’s no way you’ll miss all those hypnotic leads, which flawlessly suit slightly abrasive guitar riffs. Of course, the rhythm section is still solely responsible for the dynamics, groove, and power, but this number unquestionably shines brighter during the chorus. Nothing would sound so good without exceptional vocal harmonies, which in this case, contribute to a listening experience with even more melodies over the top. There’s no way you’ll find a better debut single than Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Street Legal put all their time and ideas into this composition, and the effort paid off in a colossal slab of cleverly assembled orchestrations. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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