Maita - Loneliness CD

Maita – Loneliness CD

Maita - Loneliness CD

Here’s some more outstanding music for your listening pleasure. This release will be right up your alley if you’re interested in calm, soothing, relaxing, and cathartic acoustic sessions. After recordings such as Waterbearer EP, albums like Best Wishes and I Just Want To Be Wild For You, and a mind-blowing amount of standalone singles, Portland-based artist Maita returns with an intimate live acoustic performance, recorded at the Echo Echo, located in Portland, Oregon. Maita is known for her garage rock, indie rock, and dream pop sound, but these live acoustic sessions showcase quite the opposite. This set of pleasant acoustic songs presents Maita’s calmer side that leans much more toward genres such as singer-songwriter, indie folk, and indie pop.

Like on many other Maita’s recordings, this acoustic session also places her high-pitched whispery voice in focus while the acoustic guitar serves as more than necessary sonic support. You’ll be blown away by the sheer amount of arpeggiated chord progressions, riffs, themes, leads, and melodies, while her voice guides you through these flawlessly performed songs. Whoever set up the mics, recorded, produced, and mastered these recordings did an incredible job because you’ll hear everything the artist tried to convey through this performance. There’s a thick layer of pleasant studio reverb, probably generated by the Echo Echo, a club/space where Maita recorded this acoustic session.

Perhaps some readers might think that a vocal and acoustic performance aren’t enough and that these sessions deserve more instrumentations in the mix, but these songs are more than good on their own. Quite the contrary, the other instrumentations would ruin that intimate ambiance where Maita’s outstanding vocal harmonies and profoundly complex acoustic performance are solely in focus. Maita has proved she’s a tremendous artist capable of shaping a powerful ambiance without layering too much orchestrations. This release would be even better if the artist/label published it on a vinyl record, but the CD is more than an appropriate sound carrier as well. Head to Bandcamp page for more information about this release.





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