Slightest Clue - Just Fine

Slightest Clue – Just Fine

Slightest Clue - Just Fine

In July of 2022, Vancouver-based quartet Slightest Clue released Just Fine, an exceptional composition that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of the catchy post-punk sound. Of course, it’s not the latest piece of work by these creative musicians, but it’s one of those worth checking out because it still sounds fresh. Perhaps Slightest Clue explores the fundamentals of modern post-punk music, but their sound is more complex compared to other contemporaries. You’ll notice some of the finest properties borrowed from indie rock, art rock, alternative, and dream pop. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other elements because Slightest Clue stacked Just Fine with mind-blowing ideas and impressive musicianship that defines this particular track in many ways.

  • Slightest Clue
  • Slightest Clue

A mesmerizing vocal performance is the centerpiece of this composition, and you’ll hear how each harmony delivered by the skillful vocalist perfectly applies to the melodic aspect of the song. There are highly hypnotic, polyphonic dualities where both guitars burst with catchy chord progressions, riffs, leads, melodies, and other impressive virtuosities. Still, this composition is calm enough, so the complex guitar performance will appeal even to those listeners who’re not into progressive post-punk music. A thick layer of warm-sounding, jaw-dropping low-end tones lurk beneath the guitar channels and provide more than necessary depth and heaviness to the performance of the entire band. Nothing would sound so energetic without profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences built upon moderate beats, accentuations, and drum fills. Slightest Clue thought about everything while writing, composing, and recording Just Fine, so there’s no doubt this song will end up on your playlists as soon as you press play. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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