Fire From The Gods

Fire From The Gods Released New Single “Thousand Lifetimes” Featuring Corey Glover Of Living Colour

Fire From The Gods

Following from a busy and highly successful 2022, the Austin-based rock band Fire From The Gods is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new version of their recently released single “Thousand Lifetimes”, now featuring Corey Glover of Living Colour today.

Taken from the band’s highly praised latest record “Soul Revolution”, the single gains new life with the Grammy-Award winning Corey Glover collab, whose vocals add to the sonic amplification of front-man AJ Channer, who comments: “Linking up with Corey Glover is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. Living Colour were trail blazers.  His voice compliments the track in a big way. Enjoy this family. Respect”.

Featured artist Corey Glover adds: “This song is about struggle, the thing about the band itself, they are not just about underdog stories, but a social consciousness about what that means. There’s a subtlety about the song and a bombastic thing as well, and that, is what appeals to me. You hear AJ’s pathos more than anything else. He’s persevering through that struggle, that pain and that is what is amazing to me and he’s amazing”.

“Thousand Lifetimes” is released in celebration of Black History Month, and AJ further comments: “The influence of black people on rock and metal isn’t an afterthought to me. I’m now part of that legacy. This time of year is set aside to highlight things like that. So we linked up with the legendary voice of Corey Glover on A Thousand lifetimes to continue and contribute to that legacy. Maybe BET Awards will include the rock and metal category and give us a shout. One could only hope. Mad love fam in us we trust and all power to the people. Peace”.

From the very beginning Fire From The Gods’ music is fueled by something larger than themselves, a unifying message of peace, tolerance, understanding and perseverance. The band’s latest record Soul Revolution is a prime example of their ethos. The eclectic soundscape draws its lifeblood by blending different genres and influences, reflecting their unifying message “All Power To All People”.

There are currently eight videos/singles featured on “Soul Revolution”“Love Is Dangerous”“SOS”“Soul Revolution”“Thousand Lifetimes”“World So Cold”“INI”“Double Edged Sword” and “Rapture (Fool Dem)”. The songs have explored themes of self realization and discovery, unifying amidst personal revolution, motherhood, and resilience. Having officially surpassed 100M streams on their Spotify catalog, this new body of work masterfully blends feelings of inspiration and aggression with the feeling of soul searching. Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless In White, Panic! At The Disco) produced, engineered and mixed “Soul Revolution”.





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