See You Next Tuesday

See You Next Tuesday Have Released Distractions LP

See You Next Tuesday

See You Next Tuesday have released Distractions on Good Fight Music, the experimental metal band’s first new album in 15 years. To celebrate, the band has shared a chaotic live video for the manic track “This Happy Madness.”

Formed in 2004, See You Next Tuesday made their mark in the world of extreme metal with the release of their albums Parasite (2007) and Intervals (2008), both on Ferret Music. Pushing forth on controlled chaos, the band has been able to evolve since their initial output and Distractions finds them delving into a new, modern grindcore sound. The thirteen songs on the record are full of fast and heavy guitars accompanied by an invigorating vocal performance from Chris Fox. The true standout is in the drum work, provided by multi-instrumentalist Drew Slavik, displaying a maniacally bold use of blast beats that perfectly intertwine with his home-made samples. Distractions was recorded at Slavik’s home studio where he also handled production and mixing, and was mastered by Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, In Hearts Wake).

Expanding on the writing and recording process, Slavik states: “The writing process was amazing! I wrote in my home studio or in my head and recorded everything as it progressed. Being a mailman, I walk 8 miles a day, and I was able to listen and critique each song, every step of the way, pushing myself as a player, writer and producer even further than ever before. My main goal musically was to write something different. I never really shot for the ‘best’ because that is so arbitrary, however, I strived to be unfamiliar in a sense, not just with the music, but the overall sound as well.”

While the music came naturally, writing the lyrics ended up being a more difficult process. Eventually turning into a cathartic experience, the tracks became personal yet still up for interpretation in a broader sense. Much of the material on Distractions focuses on struggles with mental health, while a few songs explore more sensual themes. Leaning into the euphemism of the band name, the opening track “How Sensitive” reclaims what some might deem as offensive and makes it just a word. Lead single “Hey Look, No Crying” fixates on the feeling of slowly moving towards your death, encompassing the sonic energy of descending into the afterlife. Microsongs like “Glad To Be Unhappy” and “Call Me Irresponsible” use synthesizers for more frantic moments, while “Day In The Life Of A Fool” feeds into that more structured mayhem. Following suit of closing with a slower song on the band’s previous releases, the record ends with “Strange Music”, a nearly eight-minute long track fueled by doom. 

Although Distractions started as a literal distraction for See You Next Tuesday, it quickly became what is only the beginning of the band’s next chapter. See You Next Tuesday will hit the road for a string of east coast dates with support from Bandit starting February 23rd and have more shows in the works, full dates below. Distractions is available on vinyl now through Good Fight Music.





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