LUGOSi - Inconsolable LP

LUGOSi – Inconsolable LP

LUGOSi - Inconsolable LP

It’s time for some loud, aggressive, and uncompromising music. I admit it has been a while since we had a band like this on our pages. Sure, we had many hardcore bands covered in the past through news, reviews, and other features, but LUGOSi stands out from the crowd. Somehow, these guys do things differently when comes to writing, composing, and producing hardcore music. That’s hearable on their double debut single, but it’s even more noticeable on Inconsolable, their debut full-length album, released in November last year. You may wonder why I already told you they stand out from the crowd without even delving deep into the material. It’s pretty simple. As soon as you hear the introductory piece, you’ll notice these guys sound different. Their music speaks with a unique ambiance rarely seen nowadays.

I like that direct punch in the face that these songs deliver with every note and beat. LUGOSi serve more than necessary slaps in the face with each one of these ten songs, and these folks are leaving no room to breathe until the closure. Perhaps their music explores the fundamentals of hardcore, but there are many subgenres of it lurking around in the mix. The first that comes to mind is post-hardcore, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon mathcore or metalcore. However, the thing I adore the most about this band is that this wall of distortion crushes everything in the broader radius. It’s such a well-known characteristic of noise rock music, and these raw, abrasive, dirty, fuzzy, heavily-distorted riffs are more than rock-solid proof LUGOSi are into noise rock too. You’ll also notice how their music continuously levitates between old-school and much more modern sonic maneuvers. It’s such a nice touch that empowers these compositions even more.

I already mentioned those thick layers of loud, uncompromising, aggressive guitars decorated with many melodies, scales, and guitar licks. These guitar parts define that abrasive ambiance we all listen to and adore. However, you can also expect fuzzy, detailed, catchy, almost equally distorted basslines capable of crushing your listening apparatus. Nothing could sound so profoundly dynamic without exceptional drumming performance based upon cleverly constructed sequences, beats, accentuations, and other percussive acrobatics that define only the best hardcore music. You’ll be surprised how the vocalist handles all these segments with aggressive shouts, screams, and much cleaner singing technics. The remainder of the band supports him with many back vocal moments and singalongs, suitable enough to decorate these tracks even more. This fine piece of sonic artistry comes on standard black vinyl protected with an eye-peeling cardboard packaging and decorated with abstract paintings on the front. It perfectly matches LUGOSi’s colorful, diverse sound. You should check out Inconsolable as soon as possible. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.





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