Katie Drives – Anywhere But Here

Katie Drives - Anywhere But Here

After a series of singles such as Maniac, Why Fall In Love When You Can Fall Asleep, Ghosts, and Next To You, and an extended play release called Fake Smiles, Berlin-based artist Katie Drives returns with the first composition this year. Anywhere But Here explores contemporary pop-punk aesthetics, but many complementary music genres are lurking in the mix from scratch to finish. Therefore, you’ll notice some of the finest elements borrowed from modern emo, skate punk, skate rock, and indie music. It’s nearly mindblowing how Katie Drives combined all these sonic ingredients into a colossal slab of harmonious and pleasant tones. It’s a win-win situation where her incredible singing abilities and orchestration work together in harmony.

  • Katie Drives
  • Katie Drives

Anywhere But Here burst with the catchy lead theme, supported with cleverly assembled chord progressions. This profoundly melodic background perfectly matches Katie Drives‘ vocal harmonies. You’ll also notice warm-sounding basslines lurking right beneath the layers of guitars. The bass guitar serves as a glue between guitars and exceptional drumming performance, comprised of energetic beats, accentuations, and fills. Anywhere But Here carries many segments, and you’ll notice how much attention Katie Drives paid while assembling this track. As soon as you press play, you’ll realize that Anywhere But Here is a contemporary pop-punk anthem worth listening repeatedly. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.





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