Sloppy Joe’s – Get In The Ring

Sloppy Joe's - Get In The Ring

It’s time for some heavy music, and Get In The Ring is a perfect track for those moments when you need anthemic, energetic, and loud rock sounds. This composition is the latest studio work by Sloppy Joe’s, a German rock trio based in Hamburg. Previously, the group released three live singles, Right Decision, Make Some Noise, and Devil’s Music, recorded live in Hamburg. Of course, the band has many studio recordings, albums, and singles, but I will focus on Get In The Ring this time.

This particular track offers everything you ever needed from a rock song. Get In The Ring carries some of the finest properties of hard rock, classic rock, thrash metal, heavy metal, and alternative. With complimentary music genres like these, Sloppy Joe’s burst with sheer power and precision, leaving no room to breathe until the song ends. The track commences like a direct punch in the face, with the entire band letting it all out, but they quickly slow down the pace with palm-muted riffs and moderate beats. However, Get In The Ring becomes even heavier once the chorus strikes with anthemic singalongs, heavy riffs, and jaw-breaking rhythmic sequences. The band sounds exceptional during all these moments, and you’ll immediately notice that Sloppy Joe’s thoughtfully arranged the entire number.

  • Sloppy Joe's - Get In The Ring
  • Sloppy Joe's - Get In The Ring
  • Sloppy Joe's - Get In The Ring

You’ll hear all the vital elements of rock and metal music while listening to this exceptional track. There are hints of eighties glam rock, hard rock, heavy metal, nineties alternative, and contemporary thrash metal. Still, Sloppy applied some of the latest trends in modern production, and their catchy rock track resonates with fresh sound the most. Each musician plays a significant role in shaping the balanced, precise, unified sound of Sloppy Joe’s, and this particular composition is a perfect example of their brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. Get In The Ring is a martial arts anthem you surely don’t want to miss if you’re into heavy rock music. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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