Mouse Man - Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.)

Mouse Man – Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.)

Mouse Man - Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.)

Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) is a debut single by French indie artist Mouse Man. Perhaps this creative artist released this catchy track at the end of 2021, but it still sounds fresh today, so I thought to share my thoughts on it. Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) deals with orchestrated riots caused by the infiltrated police that led to many interventions and arrests. It’s a protest song against police methods and brutality to justify the unnecessary use of force. Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) is one of those tracks people across the globe could easily relate to, considering the current global political events.

Soundwise, Mouse Man fully stacked this number with only the best properties of rock music. Perhaps indie rock comes first to mind, but many other complementary music genres are lurking around. You’ll notice how classic punk rock, garage rock, rock ‘n’ roll, and alternative inspired this highly creative artist to write and compose an energetic composition that can fit any genre-specified playlist. Mouse Man keeps his sound lo-fi as much as possible, so you can expect a slightly raw, abrasive, dirty-sounding ambiance that perfectly suits the lyrical content. Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) resembles something classic punk rock, or garage rock bands of the eighties would eventually record during their careers, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some contemporary music sonic maneuvers along the way.

Mouse Man

Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) commences with catchy, fuzzy, distorted riffs, but it becomes calmer during the verses where Mouse Man incorporates more semi-distorted, almost clean chord progressions. However, he returns to heavily distorted riffs once the chorus kicks in. He also included moderate but enormously energetic rhythmic sequences into his track, so there’s a lot of groove and dynamics going on in the mix. You might find these riffs cheerful, but it’s a serious protest song considering the lyric content. Mouse Man created an epic composition that will unquestionably appeal to fans of punk rock, garage rock, and lo-fi music. Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) is available on all streaming platforms.





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