The Spiritual Leaders - The Last Sunset

The Spiritual Leaders – The Last Sunset

The Spiritual Leaders - The Last Sunset

We have another exceptional band on our pages. The Spiritual Leaders is a Cavan-based indie trio, and The Last Sunset is their latest piece of sonic artistry. It is the third single from This Fictional Place, their upcoming full-length album, due for release on March 24th. The Last Sunset comes as an appropriate continuation of their previous works, but it also delivers some innovations in sound. Perhaps the band almost dominantly explores the vast universe of indie rock, but you will also notice some of the finest properties of psychedelic rock, soft rock, alternative rock, and post-punk. The Spiritual Leaders nurture an ear-appealing, soothing, cathartic sound that bursts with a complex ambiance.

  • The Spiritual Leaders
  • The Spiritual Leaders
  • The Spiritual Leaders
  • The Spiritual Leaders

It’s nearly mindblowing how vocal harmonies match the chord progressions while the synths, low-end tones, and rhythmic sequences further decorate this excellent song. The Last Sunset continuously levitate between the mid-eighties to mid-nineties indie ambiance. However, you’ll also notice how eighties post-punk sound inspired these creative musicians to assemble such a marvelous composition. Also, The Spiritual Leaders somehow implement moderate dosages of psychedelic rock, and you’ll unquestionably notice that while listening to this exceptional track. Each musician provided a top-notch musicianship, highly decorated with brilliant ideas, and that’s hearable from scratch to finish. The Last Sunset will instantly become one of your favorite indie songs this year. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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