Miesha And The Spanks - It's My Year

Miesha & The Spanks Released New Single / Video “It’s My Year”

Miesha And The Spanks - It's My Year

Miesha & the Spanks released their first single of the year ‘It’s My Year’  via Mint Records. The new release is fresh off the back of their recent singles, ‘Dig Me Out’ and ‘I Can’t Wait’, and is taken from their upcoming full-length album, ‘Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi’ slated for release 14th April 2023.

Doin’ it all for the glam, and their new home label Mint Records, the Calgary-based duet smashes through the subterfuge of self-doubt like a house of mirrors. A John Hughes movie come to life, Miesha’s siren to banshee self-actualisation manifests in an array of fervent guitar riffs and the rhythmic method of Sean Hamilton’s cardiac-arrest-reversing percussion.

Recorded at the world-renowned National Music Centre (Calgary AB) under the capable ears of producers Daniel Farrant (The Buzzcocks) and Paul Rawson, this new single and its accompanying video cast a golden glow of optimism over the future.

Flourishing alongside alt-rock show ponies Wet Leg, Alvvays, Fleshwater, Black Mountain and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Miesha & The Spanks are set to shatter expectations in 2023. It’s a new era, and Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper are the preeminent deities of divadom. Get primed to unpack your hot pants and freestyle your way through the roaring twenties. The sparkling single, ‘It’s My Year’, pops the cork on endless possibilities with sassy, coquettish vocals and a decadent carpe diem vibe.

Speaking of the new single, Louie said: “I started this song as sort of an ode to my niece who was having a hard time with some friends in her small town, and I wanted to pump her up a little. But it also brought me back to when I was a pre-teen and having my own trouble with friends in my small town, and at first you always feel like you’re the problem, the weird one, but ultimately you’ve just got imagination and big ideas and you want more out of life. So this song’s really for all the weirdos who want more.”

“The best place to find the light is inside of darkness. It’s My Year dresses a song about turning it around and positivity in the disguise of dark heavy riffs and haunting vocals. Everything is uncertainty until the chorus hits and tambourines, synths and soaring vocal elevate a garage rock song into the anthem of the year,” added fellow member Sean Hamilton.

Shouting out her rebellious philosophy with an impressive hardcore energy, Miesha’s mindset clears the calendar with an affirming blast of radio-rock. Flashy dips and double-proof highs swirl in harmony as the pair shimmers and shimmies through every grungy note and impassioned chorus.

The accompanying video sees the duo getting ready for a New Year’s show, while the audience out front appear bored and in need of livening up. Complete with a close-up of Louie chanting “No, I will not stand in my way / No, I will not stand in my way / I wanna see some change”, the glitzy video finishes with the audience finally getting involved, holding up their own 2023 resolutions, such as quitting your job or treating yourself more.

Of the video, Louie continued: “With the January release date, we wanted to really lean into the connection between a statement like ‘It’s My Year’ and New Year’s Eve resolutions, fresh starts, looking at the year ahead with optimism – all of that – and focus the video on a New Year’s Eve party.”

“Like the song, there’s a build-up between the low start and confident ending. This NYE party is not well attended, and both the guests and band are like – WTF are we doing here?? But the show goes on and people start feeling the music, and before you know it they’re welcoming the new year in with some positive vibrations and serious resolutions!”

Inspired by proto punk classics like The Runaways, MC5 and The Stooges, and 90s riot grrrl/grunge like L7 and The Gits, Miesha & the Spanks bring forth a versatile blend of punk, garage and rock-infused sounds. The Canadian two-piece continue to capture listeners with their crunchy mono-guitar, served with extra doses of fuzz and feedback. ‘It’s My Year’ expounds on the sensual and adventurous side of the band’s indie rock pathos – bringing their playful and sarcastic sides together in anthemic harmony. Thrill seekers, trade your press-on nails for guitar picks! ‘Cuz there’s no more waiting for the phone to ring on a Friday night once you’re hooked by this sizzling little number.

‘Dig Me Out’ received their best Canadian radio support to date, charting #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown, #2 on CBC Radio 3, #3 on NACC’s Breaking Alt Charts, and even cracking the Mediabase Alternative Charts at #59. ‘I Can’t Wait’ premiered in Wonderland Magazine, and was featured in Peacock TV’s season two of Rutherford Falls. Both tracks saw love from the Rodney Bingenheimer Show, Kelly Ogden Show, WFMU, CBC Radio One’s Reclaimed, Amazing Radio, and Sirius XM to name a few.

‘It’s My Year’ is available on all streaming platforms. Miesha & The Spanks’ forthcoming full-length album ‘Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi’ is due to be dropped 14th April 2023.





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