Marked:Life Released Video For “Critical Hit”


Marked;Life are making an explosive comeback with their inventive new single “Critical Hit”; released today via Kontrolla Music Group. “Critical Hit” carves out a fresh new sound for the group that fights the conventional rules of the metalcore genre. Volatile riffs and intoxicating drums partnered with enchanting vocals are expected from this group however a clean lo-fi style beat and saxophone just barely scratch the surface of surprises this dynamic track holds. Vocalist Samuel Laponis has this to say about the new single:

“‘Critical Hit’ is the first song we have released in 2 years. We made it a goal while we were in the studio to make something drastically different from our previous releases and even try to incorporate different genres into metal music. And I can say we successfully achieved that goal in this song especially with the help of our new guitarist Joesph Allie who brought a bunch of new elements to the Marked;Life sound.”

Sam continues, “This song is the first time that we have had real drums on a track and the first time we were all in the studio at the same time. We were secluded for 2 full weeks in Portland working with Neil Engle as our recording engineer and producer. It was a brand new experience for us, creating the songs IN STUDIO and it pushed everyone to freely create and grind but it was 100% worth it. There is even a point in the song where our drummer Reid Campbell created an effect with his mouth that replicates the sound of a ‘critical hit’ damage noise from the Pokémon video games. It all started as a joke but then it created the WHOLE vibe to what these new releases are based around.”

We are extremely proud of how this song turned out, it’s fast, it’s edgy all from the first second. We wanted to provide something new and different with a few surprises at the end that we will just let the track speak for itself…

With all that being said we present ‘Critical Hit’.”

Marked;Life is a progressive nu-metal band from Phoenix, AZ committed to pushing the limits of conventional song structure with unusual time signatures and tempo changes. Starting as an idea between Sam Laponis and Caleb Horsley in 2017, the duo has since added drummer Reid Campbell, bassist James Cabeke and guitarist Joesph Allie. Since their inception Marked;Life have continued to deliver hard hitting in your face singles that redefine metalcore. Stay up to date with Marked;Life by following them HERE.





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