EvilMrSod - Still Alive And Well CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

EvilMrSod – Still Alive And Well CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

EvilMrSod - Still Alive And Well CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

We have a couple of more Keep It A Secret releases for your listening pleasures. This particular one dates from 2015, but it still sounds fresh. It’s the first time I am stumbling upon EvilMrSod, an interesting solo project that embraces so many genres under his belt. After doing some research, I found out this is a longevous project that lurks the underground scene since the early 2000s. Since 2003, EvilMrSod released an impressive amount of recordings, such as Healthy Deal, Devil’s Right Hand, Still Alive And Well, and The Gift. There are also split releases with Dallas Kincaid, Keiko, and Stephan Imobersteg, plus a solid number of EPs and singles like Death Ride (Cool Like Dat), Atom Bomb, Going Down (We’re All), and It’s Alive / Wheels Of Fire. As you can see, EvilMrSod keeps his activities as much as possible, and I will talk a bit more about Still Alive And Well today.

Still Alive And Well contain ten compositions that differ in ambiance, mood, tempo, and style. You’ll immediately notice how EvilMrSod switches between music genres with such ease without spoiling the calm, laid-back atmosphere of the entire album. Besides the sheer dominance of music genres such as blues, country, and Americana, you’ll hear some of the finest properties of hardcore punk, punk rock, rock ‘n’ roll, alternative, and anti-folk. It may sound like too many music genres to some readers, but EvilMrSod thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver to fit his ideas, musicianship, ambiance, and mood. Therefore, the entire Still Alive And Well resonates with a perfect balance rarely seen on the full-lengths released by similar artists.

It’s nearly mindblowing how the entire material bursts with moods usually hearable on the records from the late sixties, seventies, eighties, and all the way to the mid-nineties. EvilMrSod easily transits between eras, but this album has a perfect flow. There’s a thick layer of fuzzy, dirty, raw, abrasive distortion that flawlessly accompanies the natural distortion of EvilMrSod’s voice. However, he also provides clean vocal harmonies when needed, and you’ll unquestionably notice his soulful, confident, bluesy vocal acrobatics. Still, Alive And Well will be a treat for your listening apparatus no matter which music genre you prefer, but those into blues and punk rock will solely enjoy this gem. Head to Keep It A Secret Records for more information about ordering.





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