Carson Ferris - Drive Alone (Acoustic Version)

Carson Ferris – Drive Alone (Acoustic Version)

Carson Ferris - Drive Alone (Acoustic Version)

After releasing the excellent indie-pop single Drive Alone a couple of weeks ago, singer/songwriter Carson Ferris returns with an acoustic version. The song talks about the hard choices he had to make in his music career and following his instinct instead of listening to the pieces of advice provided by many. Unlike the original version of the song, this acoustic version carries a slightly changed lyrics and arrangements. It showcases Carson’s brilliant lyricism, talent, and musicianship but in a much calm and melancholic form. For those unfamiliar with the music of Carson Ferris, his music usually carries the elements of contemporary and indie pop, decorated with some of the finest properties borrowed from other complementary music genres. Still, this acoustic version includes the fundamentals of indie pop enhanced by an ear-appealing acoustic performance.

Carson Ferris
Photo courtesy of Carson Ferris

You’ll immediately notice that Carson Ferris paid a lot of attention while assembling this composition. Each segment perfectly matches Cason’s high-pitched vocal harmonies. The cleverly constructed verses carry detailed chord progressions and melodies, enhanced by the appropriate ambient soundscapes that lurk in the background. Carson’s singing sounds even more powerful during the choruses, while the guitar performance remains complex, and energetic. The entire song resembles the original single, but it also has a unique ambiance and dynamics, so this particular song could also serve as a standalone single. Carson Ferris assembled a number that showcases his talent, creativity, and musicianship, and there’s no doubt Drive Alone will be included on many indie-pop/acoustic pop playlists. Drive Alone is available on all streaming platforms.





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