Bones In Butter - Scenes From The Metro

Bones In Butter – Scenes From The Metro

Bones In Butter - Scenes From The Metro

Belgrade’s finest post-punk group, Bones In Butter, is back with another exceptional composition. However, this particular song carries a different ambiance that will probably appeal to the post-rock fans the most. If you have paid close attention to these pages, you already know that Bones In Butter continuously experiment with various but complementary music genres. Therefore, their music is always fresh, unique, cathartic, and exciting. That’s the case with Scenes From The Metro, a song that deals with the unfinished Belgrade metro through exceptional musicianship. Of course, there’s always a wide specter of various instrumentations to support the lyric content, but Bones In Butter take their approach to songwriting and composing to an entirely new level.

Bones In Butter

Scenes From The Metro has a slightly eerie, psychedelic, calm ambiance empowered by delicate, complex, progressive orchestrations. This composition continuously delivers cathartic vocal harmonies and choirs, reverby back vocals, downtempo rhythmic sequences, quiet but present chord progressions, and warm-sounding basslines performed on a fretless bass guitar. You’ll have to spin this composition several times until you grasp everything these clever musicians incorporated into their beautiful song. It’s nearly mindblowing how much Scenes From The Metro bursts with mesmerizing, divine, catchy melodies, harmonies, ambiances, and other sonic maneuvers that define all those incredible post-rock numbers. Perhaps Scenes From The Metro doesn’t sound like another post-punk song, but you’ll get some hints of this particular music genre. After all, there’s a rich, dense, strong post-rock presence that defines Scenes From The Metro in all the possible ways, and there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll love it. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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