The Lowtones - Radio

The Lowtones – Radio

The Lowtones - Radio
Cover photo by Martin Hendry

It has been a while since I heard anything from The Lowtones. Those who remember and follow our page for years probably stumbled upon my review of their self-titled full-length album. In the meantime, they released a Front Row Empty EP with five exceptional compositions, and now they’re back with the first single in 2023. Radio follows the footsteps of their previous works, heavily inspired by post-punk sound. However, you’ll notice other complementary music genres like new wave, indie rock and alternative lurking in the mix. The bands capable of blending these three elements without spoiling the primary sonic direction or losing consistency are rare nowadays. The Lowtones are pros in combining the finest ingredients borrowed from these genres, and Radio is more than solid proof of my statement.

The Lowtones - Radio
Photo by Vera Milena Photography

Also, Radio has an improved, polished sound that meets all the trends in contemporary music production. You’ll clearly hear all the vocal harmonies, back vocals, catchy themes, melodies, harmonies, basslines, and beats. Everything sounds divine, and you won’t have any trouble hearing even the tiniest details invested in this track. I adore how reverby leading theme pairs with all the chord progressions and riffs, while the bass guitar gives even more power to this mix with all the cleverly assembled low-end tones. Of course, nothing would sound so energetic without an exceptional drumming performance decorated with flawlessly accentuated rhythmic sequences and drum fills. The Lowtones also paid a lot of attention to arrangements. Therefore, Radio has a perfect flow that will appeal to your listening apparatus, even if you’re not a fan of the mentioned music genres. It’s one of those tracks you need to hear to comprehend its brilliance. The single is available for listening to on all streaming services.





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