JJ McGuigan - Disconnected

JJ McGuigan – Disconnected

JJ McGuigan - Disconnected

After a debut EP release named Dissociative (2015) and a couple of singles like Save My Life and Rain (2022), Wichita-based artist JJ McGuigan returns with another excellent composition that will unquestionably appeal to fans of rock music. Disconnected is an incredible number that carries all the finest properties of modern rock. However, it also has some other elements borrowed from complementary music genres. Therefore, you’ll stumble on alternative, indie, and nineties soft rock, but don’t be surprised if you notice some other surprises along the way. It’s nearly mindblowing how Disconnected continuously levitates between contemporary and old-school rock sound without losing consistency, balance, and ambiance. JJ McGuigan thoroughly thought about everything, and you’ll even notice how he cleverly wrote, composed, and assembled the entire song.

JJ McGuigan

Disconnected may seem like a soulful alternative rock ballad decorated by the arpeggiated chord progressions, subtle ambiance, and McGuigan‘s exceptional vocal performance, but this composition has its hard rock side as well. This hard rock side consists of powerful, heavy, flawlessly performed riffs, cathartic ambiance, delicate basslines, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences. Each segment bursts with a soulful vocal performance that guides you throughout the entire song. Still, let’s not forget the wisely implemented layer of back vocals that is mostly hearable during the uplifting choruses. JJ McGuigan thought about everything while assembling this ear-appealing rock track, and I highly advise you to give it a listen. Disconnected is available on all streaming platforms.





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