Sam Lumar - Counting On Me

Sam Lumar – Counting On Me

Sam Lumar - Counting On Me

After critically acclaimed debut single SODA, released via streaming platforms last year, London-based artist Sam Lumar returns with another exceptional composition that will appeal to all the fans of an alternative rock sound. Counting On Me is and emotive, soothing, catchy song where this creative artist explores themes like death and fear of losing someone. Sam Lumar decorated the exceptionally assembled lyric content with mesmerizing vocal harmonies that convey the message in the best possible way. You’ll notice how his performance remains calm during the verses but gains more power when the chorus kicks in, and these technics give more depth to the song.

Sam Lumar

The artist gradually builds up the ambiance with a calm and longevous overture, but the remainder song retains in moderate tempo once the rhythm section commences. The acoustic guitar performance plays a significant role in this sonic equation, and you’ll notice how Sam Lumar paid so much attention while assembling these chord progressions. There’s also a thick layer of beautiful ambiance lurking beneath all the mentioned instrumentations that flawlessly pair with the acoustic performance. Sam Lumar thoroughly planned everything while writing and composing this number, and the effort paid off in a beautiful pop-rock ballad that will appeal to your listening apparatus no matter which music genre you prefer. Besides the sheer dominance of alternative rock, you’ll notice how indie rock, indie pop, classic pop, and soft rock inspired this experienced artist to assemble such an incredible song. Counting On Me is available on all streaming services.





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