Zombies No - All You Can Hate EP

Zombies No – All You Can Hate EP

Zombies No - All You Can Hate EP

After writing about The Big Reset, the latest full-length release by Zombies No, it’s time to delve a bit deeper into the past and cover some more music by this exceptional melodic punk rock band. It’s nearly mindblowing that All You Can Hate EP came out more than two years ago. The band spent the lockdowns rehearsing, writing, composing, and recording this material during the worst conditions for any musician. The close-up contact was nearly impossible, and those bold enough to try and rehearse in the studio during those times would probably catch Covid. Luckily, they recorded these tracks and put them into an eco-pack sleeve.

All You Can Hate carries five excellent compositions entirely performed in a recognizable Zombies No manner. For those unfamiliar with this prolific band, Zombies No are known for its ear-appealing vocal harmonies, technically demanding guitar shreds, catchy melodies, and vigorous rhythmic sequences. I guess this material was the turning point for them because these songs indicated a new, even more, progressive era of the band. You’ll notice how each track delivers an enormous number of ideas appropriately implemented to fit the whole polyphonic but pleasantly aggressive melodic punk rock scheme. It might seem like a simplistic material to some inexperienced ears, but those die-hard fans will appreciate All You Can Hate and consider it a pure, modern skatepunk gem.

And even their music is not entirely skatepunk because it resonates somewhere between melodic punk rock and melodic hardcore. Zombies No cleverly float between these two subgenres, and that’s vividly hearable through their melodic but simultaneously aggressive chord progressions and riffs. I adore how each track has a healthy dosage of dynamics, so even those calmer songs burst with tremendous energy. From this perspective, All You Can Hate was probably one of the best EPs in 2020. It still sounds fresh and unique, so you should check it out. You can still purchase it on the Zombies No Bandcamp page.





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