Villagers - Excessive Demand LP - It's Eleven Records / Pike Records

Villages – Excessive Demand LP (It’s Eleven Records / Pike Records)

Villagers - Excessive Demand LP - It's Eleven Records / Pike Records

A brand new release from Its Eleven Records arrived at our headquarters, so I rushed all the things I planned, so I could post a review about this one. As you may already know, Its Eleven Records is a German record label specializing in punk rock, post-punk, post-hardcore, synth punk, new wave, etc. Therefore, you should check out their roster if you’re up into some of these music genres. Excessive Demand is a second LP by indie post-punk trio Villages, and it’s a collaborative release between Its Eleven Records and Pike Records. I wasn’t familiar with this band before, but I had high hopes they’ll appeal to my ears since they’re part of Its Eleven Records, and I wasn’t wrong at all. These folks sound so good.

Excessive Demand carries eight profoundly detailed compositions that will immediately appeal to your ears. Villages combine everything you dearly love about eighties music, but they simultaneously dabble with some contemporary music genres as well. Therefore, you can expect a pleasant combination of complementary music genres skillfully arranged to apply to even the pickiest post-punk fans. Perhaps Villages base their sound upon fundamentals of eighties post-punk, but you’ll hear some explorations into art punk, goth rock, synthwave, new wave, electronica, etc. However, there’s a catch. You’ll also notice some of the finest properties of contemporary indie, synth, and alternative music roaming around in the mix. It is a complex album from scratch to finish, and even if you check out separate channels, you’ll notice that each instrument delivers a top-notch performance.

Villages perfectly balance between a nearly cathartic, relaxing, calm ambiance and dynamic sequences where each instrument bursts with sheer energy. You’ll immediately hear how the synth sequences, themes, melodies, and accentuations lead the way in almost all compositions. However, the bass guitar also plays a significant role by shaping more than necessary basslines that keep this material massive, punchy, and robust. The band pushed guitars beneath the layers of other instrumentations, but they’re present when these guys need them the most. Of course, the excellent drumming contributes with more than powerful grooves by delivering detailed/diverse/energetic rhythmic sequences, various accentuations, and other percussive acrobatics.

The dualities between female and male vocalists make this material even more exciting. At some points, their clean-sounding chants may resemble something anarcho-punk bands would record throughout their careers. Their vocal parts perfectly suit the ambiance, and the way they accentuate some segments with their singing technics improves this album on an entirely new level. Excessive Demand is a post-punk album you unquestionably need to hear. Therefore, visit Its Eleven Records or Pike Records and purchase this gorgeous yellow vinyl record.





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