Jack.G - Put Through

Jack.G – Put Through

Jack.G - Put Through

With a post-punk revival on the rise, many new artists are popping up on streaming platforms almost daily. While most of these artists mimic that particular eighties sound, a smaller percentage of the musicians are more interested in experimenting, upgrading, and delivering something new to the table. A debut single by Jack.G serves as a perfect example. Put Through showcases some impressive sonic maneuvers based upon fundamentals of post-punk sound, but as is usually the case, there’s more than meets the eye. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk, you may also spot some of the finest properties of goth rock, new wave, dark wave, dreamwave, dark pop, dream pop, and shoegaze. These elements serve as enhancements and decorations, and while they’re vividly hearable in the mix, they don’t spoil the primary sonic direction of this composition.

Jack.G - Put Through

Still, it seems that shoegaze, dream pop, and synth-pop elements dominate the most besides all those post-punk orchestrations. You’ll notice that thick layer of reverb, echo, and delay pervading your listening apparatus from all possible sides. Jack.G thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver, and even these effects won’t prevent you from hearing everything this talented Melbourne-based artist incorporated into the song. A couple of layers of melodic sequences roam throughout, while the harmonious synth leads punch directly in your ears during the choruses. The heavy synth beats continuously deliver more than necessary dynamics and grooves. Even though this is a calm, soothing, cathartic song, these rhythmic sequences provide enough energy to the entire number. Put Through is a leading single from the upcoming debut EP, so keep your eyes peeled for more. Until then, the single is available on all streaming platforms.





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