Onism E - It's Not Over

Onism E – It’s Not Over

Onism E - It's Not Over

After singles like Love You More, In The Shadows, My America, Survivors, Lin Manuel, and a critically acclaimed full-length album named Survivors, San Antonio-based alternative rock band Onism E returns with another excellent composition. It’s Not Over is their sixth single in a row and the second track in 2022. These creative musicians are not strangers to these pages. Quite the contrary, I had a chance to review some of their tracks before, and so far, everything I heard sounds divine. That’s the case with It’s Not Over as well. Those who’re stumbling upon this exceptional band for the first time, prepare yourself for an ear-appealing alternative sound combined with other complementary sonic ingredients borrowed from genres such as indie rock, post-rock, soul, dream pop, etc.

Onism E

Some readers might think it’s way too many music genres lurking in the mix, but trust me, Onism E know what they’re doing. You’ll notice how divine vocal harmonies apply to calm, soothing, cathartic chord progressions, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences. The soul, rhythm and blues, soft rock side works like a charm with the mentioned sonic maneuvers, and at some points, you’ll get the impression you’re listening to the seventies psychedelic rock music. This detail plays a significant role in shaping the sound of the entire composition, but let’s not forget Onism E also thought about all other details while assembling this song. You’ll notice a perfect structure skillfully decorated with clever arrangements, catchy accentuations, enhancements, and other sonic delicacies that define only the best alternative rock tracks. Once again, Onism E proved why they’re one of the best bands on the contemporary alternative rock scene, and there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this number. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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