Cheval De Frise - S/T DLP - Cmptr Stdnts

Cheval De Frise – S/T DLP (Cmptr Stdnts)

Cheval De Frise - S/T DLP - Cmptr Stdnts
Photo courtesy of Cmptr Stdnts

Today, we have a very special release on our pages. It’s a highly anticipated vinyl reissue of one of the well-preserved gems of the math rock scene, way ahead of its time when math rock was even a well-established music genre. Sure, many bands dabbled with the progressive side of rock back in the eighties, but I am talking about an obscure music form highly respected within the underground scene. For some unexplainable reason, I think Cheval De Frise weren’t even entirely aware they were among the pioneers while assembling this material, but many good artists created masterpieces that way. Even 22 years after its initial release on CD, this debut stands out in its uniqueness. However, this time it received a well-deserved remaster and deluxe packaging. It will be available on formats like double vinyl, cassette, and streaming platforms on November 18th.

Cmptr Stdnts paid so much attention to this release, and if you are familiar with this record label, you already know you’ll receive a high-quality product with many additional treats. The first thing you’ll notice is a wondrously illustrated heat-sealed aluminum pack. It conceals a high-quality gatefold that includes all the original photos, reworked and re-edited to fit the vinyl format. This release also comes with a 3-by-3 feet poster of an illustration used on an aluminum foil bag, and a giant octopus illustration poster heavily used by the band for touring purposes from 2000 to 2002. The double vinyl plays on three sides, and it runs on 45rpm. After peeling for hours in flawlessly executed art, you’ll also notice that this material comes with a remastered sound that fits all the trends in contemporary music production. The sound engineer did an incredible job by resurfacing even the tiniest details that were unhearable on the original recordings. Besides artwork and sound like this, this reissue deserves your attention, time, and money, so you’ll be astounded by this double vinyl once it arrives on your doorstep.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Cheval De Frise are simultaneously precise and chaotic, calm and aggressive, and straightforward but progressive. Their proggy/jazzy side goes beyond comprehension during this album, and the duo functions as a singular organism from scratch to finish. These guys played only for two years when they recorded this material, so it’s pretty much mindblowing how these songs sound. This debut sounds like they were together as a band for at least two decades, and many bands couldn’t put out something like this even after spending thirty years. The chord progressions, riffs, arpeggios, weird scales, improvisations, virtuosities, and other sonic delicacies perfectly fit into the entire unintentional math rock scheme. The hectic, energetic, dynamic, chaotic, rollercoaster-like rhythmic sequences, accentuations, fills, and other acrobatics work like a charm with the guitar. This material wouldn’t sound this good with other instruments involved, and for the purposes of this band, two band members are more than enough. Therefore, if you’re looking out for some progressive, chaotic, but ear-appealing record that will satisfy your cravings for math rock, this double re-issue vinyl will meet all your criteria. Head to Cmptr Stdnts for more information about ordering.





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