• Drose – Boy Man Machine+ DLP (Cmptr Stdnts)

    Drose – Boy Man Machine+ DLP (Cmptr Stdnts)

    Drose’s debut album, Boy Man Machine+, is a remarkable exploration into the complex and unsettling nature of human consciousness. The Ohio-based experimental rock band led by Dustin Rose has crafted a profoundly thought-provoking and hauntingly beautiful album that defies categorization. From the opening notes of The Unraveling to the closing experimentations of His Reflection, Drose…

  • Cheval De Frise – S/T DLP (Cmptr Stdnts)

    Cheval De Frise – S/T DLP (Cmptr Stdnts)

    Today, we have a very special release on our pages. It’s a highly anticipated vinyl reissue of one of the well-preserved gems of the math rock scene, way ahead of its time when math rock was even a well-established music genre. Sure, many bands dabbled with the progressive side of rock back in the eighties,…