Solo Solo Release New Single “Pure Graffiti”

Solo Solo
Photo by Kate Blaising

AUSTIN–based bedroom pop duo Solo Solo today released their second single ‘Pure Graffiti’ which is the follow up to the band’s debut single ‘No Sleep“. The outfit comprised of brothers Greg and Jon Denn also feature in the animated static video which accompanies the release. 

Pure Graffiti, at its core, is about life imitating art. It’s no surprise that the first title for the song was “Passengers (It’s All a Sham)” and that’s a little more to the point, isn’t it? The writing on the wall isn’t just reality because it alludes to something unseen, something possible. And when we reach and miss it, the difference between truth and hope hits home and we’re left grappling with the disparity. We wanted to make a song that showed what that writing (that graffiti) would look like if the canvas was the inside of a person’s skull, the fence for their city being the last thing they jump before seeing life as it actually is. No filter”, explains Greg Denn of the new single. 

Solo Solo is an indie rock, sibling duo. They live in Austin. They wrote, recorded, and mixed their first songs during quarantine in a storage unit. It was really hot in there. Greg’s the big brother. He got hit by a car and only has one-and-a-half legs now. Jon’s the little brother. He’s normal af. Their genre is technically indie rock, but it’s really “Early Tarantino.” They only speak in movie quotes and they both think they’re the lovable anti-hero.

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