Orange Baboons - 100% Homeless DLP - Noise Appeal Records

Orange Baboons – 100% Homeless DLP (Noise Appeal Records)

Orange Baboons - 100% Homeless DLP - Noise Appeal Records

Even after being a thing since the mid-eighties, the grunge movement truly made an impact around the globe in the early nineties when Nirvana released Nevermind. Alongside releases by Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, TAD, Green River, and many more, it paved the way for many bands that performed or still perform some sort of grunge music. Orange Baboons were the band that appeared during those years, releasing Love And Other Crimes LP, Black Bullet Center LP, Skinny Dipping MCD, and Don Espanol CD EP. All these records were well-received and critically acclaimed by the crowd and music critics. Still, their final album, 100% Homeless, reached much greater success than their previous works due to their signing with Sony Records. Of course, Orange Baboons became experienced musicians after many years of rehearsing, recording, playing live shows, and touring, so their songs became more complex over the years.

This Noise Appeal Records vinyl record-only reissue of this epic album maybe come as a surprise to some, but it was more than a logical move. After all, this prolific record label reissued some of the best releases by many Austrian artists/bands, and 100% Homeless unquestionably deserves the same treatment. This first-time double vinyl edition includes an entirely new artwork consisting of the baboon stencil art on the front and a wondrously designed circular tracklist on the back. However, the true beauty of this release lies inside. You’ll immediately notice painted reproductions of the original photos done by Maria Bierbaum and Claudia Shurzinger Herzog. Of course, the other sides of the inner sleeves carry original photos, lyrics, and all the necessary information about the album. It’s also good to mention that this double vinyl release comes in orange and standard black variants.

If these guys were from Seattle instead of Graz, they would definitely reach the same success as the greats of the grunge scene. Their compositions could easily stand among some of the greatest hits released in that particular era because of the ideas invested into this material. Each composition bursts with many clever sonic maneuvers, and precise performance enhances it on an entirely new level. If you never heard this album before, you’ll be blown away by the fact of how good these songs are and how every one of them sounds fresh even 27 years after the initial release. It’s a diverse material separated into abrasive, raw, heavy bangers and much calmer alter-rock tracks. Therefore, 100% Homeless carries something for everyone, and this double album will appeal to your ears even if you’re not into grunge at all. The riffs and chord progressions are tight, and warm-sounding basslines contribute to the heavy ambiance, while the enormously energetic rhythmic sequences dictate the tempo and dynamics of these songs. You should check it out if you crave some powerful 90s rock music. Head to Noise Appeal Records for more information about ordering.





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