Vortis – The Miasmic Years LP (Cavetone Records)

Vortis - The Miasmic Years LP - Cavetone Records

This year has been fruitful for punk rock music. Many good music releases popped on our doorstep, but somehow I always felt we lacked some old-school punk rock on our pages. Thankfully, things are about to change today since the new Vortis record appeared in our headquarters a couple of days ago. After thoroughly listening to it for a couple of days, it’s safe to say The Miasmic Years also deserves a spot in the top 20 records released in 2022. This longevous Chicago band nailed it once again, and they sound good even after 20 years of performing profoundly energetic punk rock music.

At some points, I knew what to expect from this album. After all, you can always expect enormously energetic material when you notice 17 tracks at the back of the record sleeve. For those stumbling upon this band for the first time, expect the mid-eighties to mid-nineties punk rock sound packed into catchy, raw, two-minute bangers. If you need a much more detailed cross-section of their sound, let’s say that Vortis utilize classic US punk rock as a starting point. However, there’s a catch. As you dig deeper into this material, you’ll notice some of the finest properties of ramonescore, garage rock, rock’n’roll, hardcore punk, and many other similar, complementary music genres. Of course, Vortis thoroughly assembled all these qualities into a colossal slab of ear-appealing noise. Therefore, you’ll enjoy The Miasmic Years without skipping the tracks.

The band solely relies upon mid-tempo rhythmic sequences empowered by many accentuations performed by continuous splashing over the cymbals. Nothing would sound massive without warm-sounding basslines. These low-end tones contribute in shaping the dynamics of the entire rhythm section but also help out by giving some mass to the electric guitar. A comprehensive collection of abrasive, raw, fuzzy, catchy riffs and chord progressions defines the melodics of this material. However, it also simultaneously provides more than necessary dirtiness over the top. Vortis also thought about the vocal parts, background vocals, and singalongs, and you’ll notice that these segments define the aggression, energy, and harmonics of particular compositions. There is no doubt you’ll love this album from scratch to finish, mainly because it has so much to offer. Each number bursts with many qualities that span beyond the punk rock genre. The Miasmic Years is a must if you’re into the genre because it showcases all the finest properties of the eighties and nineties music, modernized to fit these times. Head to Vortis’ Bandcamp page or Cavetone Records for more information about ordering vinyl.

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