David Hope - ...And The Sea CD - TOURBO Music

David Hope – …And The Sea CD (TOURBO Music)

David Hope - ...And The Sea CD - TOURBO Music

After numerous singles such as Christmas Day, Tough Love, Lovers Leap (Coast Of Clare), Moon And Back, Whiskey Mornings & Burning Question, and two critically acclaimed full-lengths, A Picture, and Tough Love, Irish singer-songwriter David Hope returns with another exceptional full-length. …And The Sea is a comprehensive collection of soothing indie folk songs capable of melting your heart. It’s an ear-appealing journey built upon Hope’s confident, sincere, emotive vocal performance and perfectly structured chord progressions solely performed on acoustic guitar. However, there’s more than meets the eye once you dig deeper into this material. You’ll love this album even more once you discover all the sonic delicacies hidden beneath the layers of pleasant sounds.

Through these eleven compositions, David Hope builds a cathartic atmosphere that will force you to revisit this album many times. In the beginning, Hope solely relies upon his vocal abilities and acoustic performance, but each next song includes some minor or major details included along the way. Therefore, you’ll notice cathartic ambiances built upon slide guitar maneuvers, minimalistic percussions, or even the entire band consisting of electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Hope mainly explores indie folk, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of the finest properties of indie pop, pop noir, folk noir, folk rock, and blues. There’s a thick layer of goth ambiance pervading these compositions, so if you’re up to it, you’ll love …And The Sea even more. The album is available on compact disc and streaming services, so don’t miss this indie folk gem.





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