Premiere: Jackson Wooten Share New Single “Morning”

Today, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jackson Wooten shares his newest 4-track EP, From a Warm Valley (out now via all DSPs). The sentiment of the release evokes peace amongst the confusion of human emotion. It is a call to embrace the stillness of moments that allow it.

Speaking on the EP focus track, “Morning,” Jackson wrote: “My favorite part of my days are my mornings. I love slowly waking up, making my cup of coffee, and sitting still as the early light peeks in through the windows. Every day brings uncertain difficulties, but I always try to start my day in tranquility. ‘Morning’ is a love song written about my favorite part of the day and the peace that it brings me. 

I’m incredibly grateful to have had the great Molly Parden sing with me on this song. Her voice exudes peace and easiness, and is a lovely feature on this song.”

On his brand new EP, he continued: “My grandpa, Pap Pap, owns a farm in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s a quiet place. In the mornings, mist floats off the river and up the mountain side. At night, you can see every star. I’ve visited Pap Pap’s farm nearly every year since I could remember. It’s always a grounding place for me. The peace gives clarity.

Last autumn, I escaped to Pap Pap’s farm to finish writing the songs on this EP. I gave myself the mental space to explore what I was feeling in that season of my life. | had found a contentment that I hadn’t felt in a longtime. The EP is a reflection of that. ‘Lovely Day’ is about being happy despite past emotions; ‘SlowSlowSlow’ is about escaping the busyness and chaos in life; “Morning is a love song about finding peace in the routine and stillness of mornings; ‘Reborn’ is sort of the oddball in the group – I wrote it about a Hemingway book I was reading at the time – but I think every record needs something a lil funky in it.

I got back to Nashville and recorded the songs with Jason Bennett, mostly at his home studio, between December 2021 and May 2022. We tend to take a long time recording and producing a song together because we want every detail to be intentional. There were many nights the two of us toiled in Jason’s basement studio, getting frustrated by the smallest detail. But the satisfaction of feeling proud of something beautiful makes it more than worth it. I hope when people listen to the EP they can hear the attention to detail. I hope they can connect with what I was feeling. I hope they find some kind of peace – like I found from Pap Pap’s farm in the Shenandoah Valley.”

Over the course of his career, Jackson has accumulated over 8 million streams on Apple Music alone, plus 2.6 million total streams on Spotify. He has had additional editorial features on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Folk, Folk Pop, Sweater Weather, Chill Singer-Songwriter, and Wanderlust; and Apple Music’s Acoustic Chill, Morning Coffee, Sleeping In, New in Singer Songwriter, After Dinner Nap, Fireside Chill, Staying In, and Acoustic Winter.

Jackson Wooten is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. In his music, Jackson combines heartfelt poems with moving melodies into a sound that meets at the intersection of folk, rock, and pop. After his first three releases of “Dirt,” “Honey,” and “Misty” in 2018 and 2019, Jackson spent the better part of a year and a half writing and producing a debut LP, A New Child, that was released February, 2021. A New Child was then nominated for self-released record of the year at the A2IM awards in 2022.

In the fall of 2021, Jackson released a collaborative EP under the moniker, Garden Gloves, a duo showcasing a continuation of elegant & emotive songwriting. Jackson continues to build upon his catalogue with this release from his new EP, From a Warm Valley





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