Nionde Plågan Released Transformation LP

Nionde Plågan - Transformation LP

Here we are, facing NIONDE PLÅGAN’s sophomore release on Moment Of Collapse Records. The Sweden based band returns with another fulllength entitled “Transformation”. The six songs display a well grown and more distinctive version of the already settled soundspectrum the music of NIONDE PLÅGAN is known for. After 2019’s “Reflektion” the band managed to play a lot of shows worldwide and grew as band, what you can hear on “Transformation”. NIONDE PLÅGAN managed to rely on their foundations with aspiration to put a massive pile on every single one of ’em. The result is a heavy sounding album with hints to new spheres like Postmetal and Postrock, but still shrouds itself in the cloak of deeply rooted emotive hardcore music. Those six songs speak for itself and leave no doubt that NIONDE PLÅGANn should be mentioned in the same breath like genreicons such as Suis La Lune, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket or Trachimbrod.

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