Widows Gold

Widows Gold Released New Single “Holy Rollers”

Widows Gold

Today Widows Gold shares their new single “Holy Rollers” from their forthcoming debut LP, Love Drops.

“”Holy Rollers” pulls you in from the jump with tension between dissonant feedback and eerie drums – only to intensify with percussive rhythm and biting tones that sink their teeth in with a hooky chorus.The track lyrically raises two middle fingers to the liars and cheaters of the world while embodying the spirit of rock & roll.”

The female-fronted quartet was formed in Costa Mesa, CA by husband/wife duo Ben Sauer [guitar] and Madeline Star [vocals], later joined by Ian Zamora [bass] and Carson Ford [drums]. The riveting rock outfit made an auspicious entrance onto the scene in May 2021 with their first single “Pretend” – receiving rotational radio play on Sirius XM from Mark Foster [Foster The People].

The group’s debut album Love Drops is set to release in January of 2023, preceded by a string of five singles. The first of which, “Inside,” released August 2, landing on a healthy number of Spotify playlists [including hitting top 3 on Hype Machine’s Most Posted Artists] and receiving rave reviews.





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